Things I like about being a landscaper

Things I like About Being a Landscaper

Sometimes when I walk out of my house’s front door and encounter the beautiful and meticulously defined surrounding, I feel a strong surge of satisfaction and happiness. This is because as a Sydney landscape architect, I feel I have done excellent work in making the environment look better. Well, with that off my chest, I want to engage you through an informative read as to why I love being a landscaper.

Decent Pay

Talking about and landing a decent paying job is music to many people’s ears. Landscaping is one of the trades that can attract some decent salaries for its workers. When I made my debut into landscaping several years ago, my starting salary was $30 000 (these are Australian dollars). It wasn’t a huge amount of money (even for the time) but it was enough to get me started in life and leave enough for a few nights at the pub with my landscape designer mates. I don’t think landscaping will let you live the life of a king but it should provide you with a decent wage.


Landscaping helps to challenge myself

I am a person who doesn’t like sitting in his comfort zone forever. I often go out of my way to try new things with new and difficult tasks that require a new thinking dimension. Landscape design is a platform that never ceases to amaze me with new and challenging tasks. I love to tackle them head on and lock horns with them. Whether it be a strange garden design request from a customer, or a difficult backyard environment to work in. Most of the time I have emerged the winner, but there are certain occasions where I had to learn few lessons after failing. This has been extremely helpful in sharpening my skills and broadening my areas of expertise.


When was looking for a job, I always dreamt of a job that would allow me to vary my output within a given range effectively. As I said above, I am an individual who likes to think freely and try out different approaches to my work. I achieved my dream when I became a landscaper.Right now, I can do various projects and work in all areas of garden design. For instance, I usually work with home owners to determine best plants and garden layouts for their backyards or work with business owners on commercial landscaping projects to show off their office locations.

Self-Employment Opportunities

Landscaping is one of the jobs that has a high rate of self-employed individuals. Even though I work for a big landscape design company, I usually land some attractive side jobs during my free time or holidays. I am a workaholic and resting is not my thing. Whenever I am off from my official job, I offer landscaping services privately. This is an excellent way to rake in some extra bucks.

Peace of mind

I believe a peaceful mind is a top recipe for a happy life. Over the years, I have always marvelled at how my job enables me to create an environment enjoyed by other people. To me, it is a personal reward that I really cherish every day. I am at peace with myself and my job when I see my projects and their impact on peoples’ lives. It is a rewarding feeling.

garden design No I didn’t design this garden but I bet whoever did felt really good when it was finished!


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