Monday Blues

Yep, I hate Monday’s. I hate everything about them. Nothing dampens a Sunday night drinking session like the thought of having to go to work on Monday.


I thought I would try and summarise what I hate most about Monday’s here:

  • You don’t get to sleep in again after a great two days of no alarm
  • The boss seems to have increased enthusiasm which only leads to more work.
  • I don’t know why but I always seem to forget to bring something every Monday, I guess I am just not ready to get back into the ‘routine’ yet.
  • Depending upon what I did on the weekend the last thing I may feel like doing is picking up the tools and working on a large landscape design project. Shifting heaps of soil, installing layers and layers of turf, making sure the posts are just right before installing that new fence, they can all suck first thing on Monday morning.
  • The weekly ‘routine’ starts again.
  • No matter how much you pray for rain, it rarely happens on a Monday….keep an eye on it, I know I’m right on that one!
  • The Fox Monday night footy game on TV is usually crap.
  • I seem to get lumped with lunch duty more on Mondays.

Strangely enough, I don’t experience any of this ‘hate for work’ on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of the week. In fact I love Friday’s as the weekend is just around the corner, providing the boss doesn’t assign me to some boring garden maintenance job for the day.

Just to finish the article on a positive, here is a funny video showing that even dogs hate Mondays:



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