Lunch duty

I guess I should start by saying welcome to my blog. Why did I start this blog? As my fellow labourers would say, I never shut up. I like sharing my thoughts and opinions on almost anything so I thought I might jump on the blogging bandwagon and start writing about some of my experiences working in the landscape industry. Some will be good, some will be bad, some will be funny and some will be serious. I urge you just to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

My first ever post is centered around ‘lunch duty’. That crap job which we all take turns in doing. I personally hate doing it and I will explain why in a few dot points:

  1. You always end up with a list of about 6 or so (depending how many people you work with) lunches which take forever to order and even longer to wait for, then by the time you have all 6 lunches the chances are they are nearly all cold, or worse, are soggy and take like sh#t anyway.
  2. You end up needing to try and sort out the correct amount of change for everyone but always come up short yourself. You know what I hate, when you take the lunch order and you get comments such as “Hey Benny, can you grab me a burger, with the lot, some chips and a coke” before being handed a $50 note. What am I meant to do with that! You’ve got to be kidding if you expect me to order and pay for each lunch separately.
  3. Your work mates always give their difficult orders when it isn’t their turn on lunch duty.
  4. When you are the youngest you end up doing it a lot more than everyone else. I must admit, when I was the youngest it sucked but now I am pretty happy someone else gets their ‘unfair share’.
  5. People assume you are ‘bludging’ if you aren’t back in 10 mins. Firstly, it takes at least 10 minutes just to drive to most decent lunch shops and secondly given you (yes boss I am talking to you) don’t let me go to lunch till midday means I am now in a massive line with all the office workers, thanks for that.
  6. Your work mates normally always stuff your order up. Thanks for covering my burger with beetroot even though I specifically said ‘No beetroot’. I really appreciate it, especially given the fact I will no doubt need to run the portoloo within a few minutes of eating it.

Burger and chips

I honestly don’t know where it came from but the ‘lunch duty’ etiquette rules really need to be re-written. I am surely not the only landscape labourer out there who is having these issues. I know what you are thinking “why doesn’t he just bring his own lunch to work”…and the answer is, Yes, I have started to do that more and more now but here is the thing, I love burgers, I love pies, I love chips. You need those things cooked fresh and there is nothing worse than being on the tools all morning only to get to sit down to have a sandwich. Sandwiches just aren’t enough to get you through a work day, no matter how many you eat.

In case you are wondering…after all these year, Maccas still makes the best burgers.


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